Photoshop and Illustrator most Important design Strategy..

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graphic-design Field of work The tendency to draw is more! Want to do something creative?PhotoshopRead More…

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graphic design Some important tips and tricks for learning.

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  graphic design Some important tips and tricks for learning.   The first goal ofRead More…


Want to be a good quality graphic designer? By the way, you can easily be.

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Adobe bridge is supplied with each adobe creative suite and photoshop.

How To Use Photoshop All Tools And Apply,,,part 5

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Photoshop suggestions: text cutout impact Need to create a textual content-reduce-out effect from a photograph?Read More…


how to use Illustrator, format output, use of Symbol, 3D Studio Max from 3DK, Simplify Vector Path in Illustrator

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The phrase mask manner masks. usage-of-mask-in-illustrator-format-output-use-of-symbol-3d-studio-max-from-3dk-simplify-vector-path-in-illustrator. an opaque inside the illustrator paintings can move pastRead More…


Illustrator :how to learn open paths,Pen Tool,use of text,Use of colors,gradient fill,Using Illustrator 3D,Creating vectors from bitmaps,logo design…

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Freelance picture design: use any layout in graphic design,,,,,

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Freelance picture design: use any layout In case you work as a photograph designer someplace,Read More…