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how to use and apply color in Photoshop and Illustrator..??




We live in a colorful Photoshop world. Look at the blue sky, the green sky, the white clouds, the red roses, the golden sunshine, the blue opaque, Photoshop the black cockle all trying to attract you. Have you ever wondered why a red rose in a green spring or a yellow-orange sunflower is better under a blue sky? Why?


Well think,


Do you have unknown anxiety in the yellow room?


Or, does the blue color give you a sense of calm and relaxation?


Can a change in color really bring about a dramatic change in our moods, moods, emotions, and feelings?


The answer is yes, color changes can actually affect our moods, moods, emotions, and feelings. Artists and interior designers also burned a lot of wood in search of answers to these questions.


Come on now, why do we see all the different colors !!!


In fact, when the light emitted from the source falls on the object, some part of it is absorbed by the object and the remaining part is reflected. This reflective light creates a feeling of color in our eyes. As a result, we see every object in one color.


Naturally, our mind is sensitive to color, even in non-verbal communication, color can easily shake our thoughts and emotions. So color plays an important role in understanding the secret meaning of a design. Research has shown that color is a powerful communication tool, the use of only color effects can make a big difference in people’s buying habits as well. You may be surprised to hear that some colors can increase human blood pressure. Even in online shopping, advertising, and marketing campaigns, about 5% of the use of color is taken into consideration to increase the attractiveness of the buyer.


So the most important and powerful of the parts that non-verbal communication is used by graphic designers is the color. That is why using colors correctly is a very important thing for photographers, graphics and web designers.




The effect of color on the mind


Since the use of color plays a huge role in influencing the mind, the color effect has some universal meaning. So it is important and important to know what the use of different colors means in graphic design. Different colors create different sensations in our mind, so be careful about the color and its use. Learn how different colors can have a role in the mind.




The use of white color as a symbol of purity and peace is universal. In design, this color is commonly used in reversed text or negative spacing, see the logo of World Wildlife (WWF), hopefully, you get a clear idea.




The effect that white color usually has on people is as follows:


Positive: Cleanliness, honesty, peace, purity, transparency, simplicity.


Negatives: Emptiness, apathy.




The color that comes out of the shade is black. A color that is simple but authoritative and powerful. It depicts a portrait of unpleasant fear and sadness, as it depicts wealth and elegance. Again, its artistic use creates a defensive barrier that seems to absorb all the weaknesses that come to you.


Generally, the effect of black color on the human mind is as follows:


Positives: Boldness, authority, purity, regularity, mystery, important.


Negatives: Fear, oppression, apathy.



The use of the green color to refer to a new life and a new one is worth mentioning. The green color evokes calmness and relaxation, as well as immaturity. Often the use of this color is seen in the logos of different companies, especially those who want to be known as eco-friendly. The Animal Planet Channel logo is a great example of this.




Generally, the effect that green color has on people is as follows:


Positive: Fresh, natural, rhythmic, healthy, healing.


Negatives: tenderness, boredom.




Because of the longest wavelength, red is a very strong color, so it can draw attention even from a distance. Due to this religion of red color, its use in traffic lights is worldwide. Red is a dark color that can elevate a person’s emotions, from intense emotions to blood pressure. Logo design is widely used to attract the attention of visitors.




Generally, the red color affects the human mind as follows:


Positive: adventure, vigor, warmth, energy, fight or flight, excitement, excitement.


Negatives: Aggression, aggression, stress.




The psychological effect of blue is the opposite of red because red works physically and blue works mentally. Blue color can easily arouse a feeling of calm in the mind. Most people agree that even if there is at least one blue shade in the design, it becomes their favorite. Most people’s favorite color is blue, which is why blue is the favorite color of people worldwide. Even in research, this has been proven.Photoshop 




The following are the types of mental effects that blue color has on people


Positives: Intellect, communication skills, calmness, confidence, conviction, transparency, trust.


Negatives: Isolation, emotionlessness.




A highly visible color and the easiest color to see. So it can very easily stimulate people. The proper use of yellow color arouses our spirits and self-esteem, as well as excessive use of it arouses fear and anxiety.




The following are the psychological effects that yellow color has on people


Positives: Self-esteem, intelligence, interest, joy, positivity, sunrise.


Negatives: Isolation, emotionlessness.




The color is composed of red, yellow and black. As a result, the brown color has a similar effect to blackness on the brain, but it does provide a feeling of warmth and tenderness. The brown color is called the color of nature, it is related to the natural or organic matter. Most designers recommend using brown color rather than using pure black.




The following are the psychological effects of the brown color in people:


Positive: Significance, sincerity, natural, reliability, support.


Negatives: Lack of sense of humor, Rashvari.




How color influences a lot of people depends on where color is used, so the only thing that comes to know about color use and psychological effect in graphics design is the use of color. If you want to know about the use of colors in graphics design, then there are some things to know first. One of them is the color classification -Photoshop 


Long ago, these three colors are known as basic colors, red, yellow and blue. The colors are redistributed as follows –


1) First Order Colors

2) Second-Order Colors

3) Third-Order Colors


First Order Colors – These colors are red, yellow, blue, red, yellow and blue.


Second-Order Colors – These colors are made up of three colors: red, yellow, blue, red, yellow and blue. For example – orange, green, violet.Photoshop 


Third-order colors – which are made up of a mixture of Second-order colors and basic colors.

If you want to play with colors in graphics design, you need to look at some more things. They are-


1.Complementary Colors

  1. Simultaneous Contrast

1.Complementary Ratios

৪. Harmonizing Colors.


Try to know these things, I’ll talk about the use of color one more time. Keep an eye on the DevsTeam Institute’s official Facebook page to get updates.Photoshop 


Ultimately, every color influences the mind. Experts have found that how each color affects a person’s mind depends on the personality, society, and environment of many people. So there is still a lot of research on how color affects people’s minds.




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